Vancouver, Victoria & Whistler Travel Guide - Stacey Hilton

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Vancouver, Victoria & Whistler Travel Guide - Stacey Hilton

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Vancouver is one of Canada’s most popular travel destinations. Located on the west coast in British Columbia, Vancouver is one of the country’s largest and most ethnically diverse cities. The beaches are clean, the wintersports are incredibly scenic and the parks are beautiful. Victoria is the capital of British Columbia and is situated at the south of Vancouver Island and near the west coast of Canada. Victoria, B.C. is a small, beautiful “Garden City” known for its impressive Butchart Gardens and other parks. It has the world's most northerly Mediterranean climate.  If you are looking for a world-class wintersports location in western Canada then Whistler, British Columbia is your ticket. This Winter Olympics location is a scenic mountain area with snowy winters yet moderate temperatures. Visitors return here year after year.