Close-up on Sunset Boulevard - Sam Staggs

Posted by Anya Watsica
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Close-up on Sunset Boulevard - Sam Staggs

There are some interesting things in this, but it's badly written. The author's word choice is particularly grating. Long, clunky complex words break the rhythmic flow. It's like he's trying to show the world that he's super intellectual and intelligent. Well, he's not. Good writing flows like music. This reads like noise.

And it's also too long. It's 800 pages. It could easily have been 400. What takes a sentence, takes this author a paragraph. What takes a paragraph, takes him a chapter. His writing style is just really annoying.

But you should purchase this if you're a Sunset Boulevard aficionado. Just don't expect it to be an enjoyable read. Read it for its informational value only.

If you're looking for something well written and incredibly entertaining, I highly recommend Gloria Swanson's autobiography, Swanson on Swanson. (Keep in mind she's only devoted one chapter to Sunset Boulevard).

P.s. I one hundred percent do NOT agree that Glenn Close was the best musical Norma. She's can't sing properly and her Norma is overacted and over-the-top (much like this author's writing). Patti LuPone is by far the best musical Norma. She sings it the best and respects the music by never breaking the line. Furthermore, her performance is subtle and nuanced - two words this author does not understand.