Tragic Hollywood - Jackie Ganiy

Posted by Stephania Windler
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Tragic Hollywood - Jackie Ganiy

I saw this book in it’s dead tree form a while ago in the waiting room while getting new tires, and got about halfway through it. The stories of some of these people I had only known very little about pulled me in and kept me there. The presentation was like an old paperback with very little in the way of graphics, and it was a surprise when I ran into the section on Heath Ledger, because up until then, I thought this was a much older book. When I left the mechanic that day, I checked some bookstores and couldn’t find it, and forgot about it until a friend with a Kindle was reading it at lunch. I checked it out, and it was much worse on Kindle. I was the same book, but very hard to look at. I found the dead tree version on Amazon, but held off, hoping to find it somewhere locally, but forgot about it.

So when the author announced an improved iPad version on Facebook, I nabbed that sucker in a heartbeat. And this version is so much better than the kindle or print. All kinds of photos, very readable, well-presented….and you can pop the photos out of the page, which really comes in handy in some of the places where she has stacked or fanned out several atop one another. Every once in a while, turning a page takes your breath away a little bit. It’s really good.

Most of the books I have paid 10 bucks for were just like e-versions of the paperback, and I bought them really to just encourage the author to keep making books in this format, even though they brought nothing new versus the paper version I usually already had. I vote with my wallet, but often, I don’t even read those again, hoping that their next book will take advantage of my beautiful touchscreen. Finally, this is $10 revisitation of a paper book, which actually does work so much better. I hope more authors get on this bandwagon and enrich their books! So many stories, David Griffith’s and Sharon Tate’s, bring you into that world visually and verbally, and when they are done, I found myself googling them up and digging deeper into hollywood’s past. If you are at all interested in the darker side of hollywood, this is probably right up your alley.